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We can be found at the following locations:

PetSmart (Silverdale)

Saturday, Sunday and Monday 

11:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Animal Rescue Families is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation committed to the following community services:

We are a non-kill animal rescue organization. Our family foster home system provides a safe haven for abandoned, abused, or unwanted domestic kittens and cats. All animals in our care are spayed or neutered and receive all life saving or necessary medical attention. When these foster animals are emotionally and physically healed, we search for the most compatible human companion for each, ensuring a loving, permanent home.

We educate the public on the correct and moral way to care for their animals, including the importance of spaying  & neutering to help stop the flow of abandoned and unwanted animals in our community. Whenever possible, financial assistance is provided to responsible pet owners who wish to spay or neuter their pets but cannot afford to do so.

Whenever possible, emergency placement, food and medical services for pets is available to approved responsible low-income families and senior citizens.

Our referral service helps owners find new homes for their pets or helps reunite them with lost pets. We exchange information and work with other humane organizations to help locate lost pets and rescue abandoned and abused animals.

Our organization strongly believes that all animals deserve respect and should be treated with dignity in all circumstances. The ultimate goal of this organization is to have all people share this philosophy, creating a healthier and kinder community for humans and animals alike.

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